A Spartan Shield Against COVID-19

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A Spartan Shield Against COVID-19

How many will fall to COVID-19 this coming Autumn and Winter?

Refuse to go down! 

Fight COVID with a Shield and Spear strategy just like a Spartan would.

We have to protect ourselves while we wait for a vaccine that is effective and Safe.

The research that’s been done worldwide shows that this virus attacks those that are the least healthy.

How to beat COVID from a Spartan Physician:

I have read the research and work in the front lines as health care workers have the highest risk of contracting  COVID-19. Though I’m over 60 and have a health risk factor. Below are my conclusions, recommendations, and opinions. 

  • Vitamin D level above 40 ng/ml is the most protective from a Swedish study and an Indonesian study. Take 5,000 to 10,000 units daily. The only way to truly know your level is a blood test.

Magnesium and Vit K2 help the Absorption of Vit D. I use both supplements. Magnesium is required by our immune system. No, you will not get Hypervitaminosis D with such a small amount. The Recommendations for Vit D are woefully inadequate. Dark-skinned people are more likely to be deficient but the elderly and those that aren’t in the sun 2 hours daily without a shirt and only shorts are as well.

  • Healthy weight. Obesity and Metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance) predispose you to severe COVID-19 infections. Stop drinking Soda!!! Avoid foods with High Fructose Corn Syrup. Don’t eat fast food or junk food when you can avoid it. If you start there you will make your immune immensely more healthy. Why? Because sugar,  vegetable oils, and soy are the three foods that cause the most inflammation in your body. Fast foods and junk foods are filled with those. COVID causes an inflammatory storm so if you eat these things you are helping it attack you immensely. 

  • Exercise. Exercise is known to decrease insulin resistance and helps you to lose fat which is extremely inflammatory. Can’t exercise? Yes, you can, using Spartan Training Bands you can walk and get the same effect as lifting weights. Or just sitting and doing passive range of motion exercises. Spartan Training Bands ( also known as blood flow restriction technology) Are used in post-surgical rehab to improve muscle function quickly. I have used them for the last 8 months and have increased my muscle mass significantly and reduced my body fat as well. Visit Spartantrainingbands.com to learn more. This is the most beneficial exercise hack I have ever seen or heard about.

  • Now your spear: You’ve heard of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine and it’s success against COVID-19. It works because it drives zinc into your cells which then stops the virus from reproducing. Just taking zinc, might not cut it. Zinc needs a channel to get in and that’s what the chloroquine and an antibiotic named azithromycin do. You’ll need a prescription though, and those drugs can affect your heart. The alternatives are Quercetin an ionosphore just like the above drugs are but much safer and it has the added bonus of also killing viruses. Or you can drink green tea and also get ionosphores. That means it opens a channel for the zinc to get in the cell.

I take both and 1000mg of Quercetin and 30 to 60 mg of zinc daily.

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