A Spartan Spear Against COVID-19

A Spartan Spear Against COVID-19

The Spartan spear to eliminate COVID-19 

We previously spoke about your shield against the SARS CoV 2.

Now I am sharing information about how to attack the virus based on my observations from recent research during the pandemic.

The Spartan Spear:

You’ve heard of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine and it’s success against COVID-19. It works because it drives zinc into your cells which then stops the virus from reproducing. Then just take Zinc. 

Not so fast.

Zinc needs a channel to get into the cell and that’s what the chloroquine and an antibiotic name azithromycin do. You need a prescription and those drugs can affect your heart. 

The alternatives are Quercetin an ionosphore just like the above drugs, but much safer and it has the added bonus of also killing viruses. Or, you can drink green tea also an ionosphore. Which means it opens a channel for the zinc to get in the cell.

I take both plus 1000mg of Quercetin and 30 to 60 mg of zinc daily.

The sword to your spear is vitamin C which is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory.

This stops the inflammatory storm that COVID produces in your lungs, circulation and every vital organ. You need 6 grams every 6 hours until you feel no symptoms. 

The caveat is that it has to be liposomal vitamin C, otherwise that much vitamin c will have you running to the toilet.

For maintenance as little as 2 grams a day should be sufficient.

You cannot apply these strategies without checking with your primary care provider.

As always you need a proper diet. ( You should get rid of processed sugars, anything with Soy in it and all types of canola, corn and vegetable oils ) Those are the 3 types of foods we eat that cause inflammation the most.

Adding to your inflammation is like adding thousands of warriors to COVID’s side!

Exercise is vital for your body’s immune system to function properly.

Shoot for 4 times a week at least. However, no exercise form can beat the benefits of using blood flow restriction to train! Check out our Spartan Training Bands to learn more!

Already have COVID 19 and not feeling well? Time to bring In the phalanx.

I’ve read about nebulized hydrogen peroxide in many articles.

This reference from Dr. Bornstein who treated patients in Detroit this winter with great success. 

107 patients no deaths 

A Novel Approach to Treating COVID-19 Using Nutritional and Oxidative Therapies

∗† † ‡

David Brownstein, M.D. , Richard Ng, M.D. , Robert Rowen, M.D. , Jennie-Dare Drummond ,


PA , Taylor Eason, NP , Hailey Brow.



Like me he believes in Vitamin C and Vitamin D.

But he adds Nebulized hydrogen peroxide. 

You need a mask and a desktop nebulized then you need food grade hydrogen peroxide and normal saline ( salt water, can’t make it at home) you need to dilute it and you can add Lugol's iodine ( another virus killer and immune supporter. 

The table below is from Dr. Mercola from Mercola.com, another physician who believes in all the strategies I have outlined to fight Coronavirus. He uses .1%  dilution. It has to be used diluted! No more then . 1%

To get to .4% multiply the sterile water( normal saline) by 2 that would give you a .5 % solution.

I would use the .1% to treat myself or family. 

How Dr Brownstein dilutes 35% hydrogen peroxide. Copied from Dr Mercola’s article which you should read. How Nebulized Peroxide Helps Against Respiratory Infections

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola


  •         Dilute 35% food-grade peroxide down to 3% by mixing 1 part peroxide with 10 parts sterile water 
  •         Take 3 cubic centimeters (CCs) of that 3% dilution and add it to a 250CC bag of normal saline. This brings it down to a .04% hydrogen peroxide concentration

I just think everyone should be able to help themselves with natural killer defense and offensive weapons.

The caveat is you need to get them now and use them at the first sign of the sniffles.

All the statements above are my personal opinion as a physician and you should check with your primary care provider and take their opinion. Most practitioners are not aware of these strategies.

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