Can Walking Be An Effective Way to Stay In Shape During Quarantine?

Can Walking Be An Effective Way to Stay In Shape During Quarantine?

14 minutes of slow walking 2 x a day for 3 weeks causes up to a 7 % size increase in leg muscles with Blood Flow Restriction Bands

Just walk 2 minutes at a slow pace x5 with 60 seconds of rest in between. Walking in-place is fine if you can't go outside. However, walking outside is ideal.
Do this twice a day, 6 days a week for 3 weeks.
If you are trying to start to get in shape it can’t get any easier while wearing Spartantrainingbands.
Here is the study

Muscle size and strength are increased following walk training with restricted venous blood flow from the leg muscle, Kaatsu-walk training

  • Takashi Abe, Charles F. Kearns, and Yoshiaki Sato
The results
In conclusion, the combination of leg muscle blood flow restriction with slow-walk training induces muscle hypertrophy and strength gain, despite the minimal level of exercise intensity. Kaatsu-walk training may be a potentially useful method for promoting muscle hypertrophy, covering a wider range of the population, including the frail and elderly.
Will you have the same results?
It depends on your effort and dedication and using the bands properly.
In this study KAATSU bands were applied
but similar results can be attained with
Spartantrainingbands. Just put the bands around the top of your legs close to the groin and tighten until you can squeeze a finger under the bands. The best way to double check if the bands are tight enough is to press the area on the medial adorar of the thigh by the knee(inside knee press hard with one finger check to see if the blood flow to the area returns in 2 seconds. So it turns white when you press then your normal color returns in 2 seconds. You don’t want to go more than 3 seconds that means your stopping the arterial blood flow to your leg. We don’t want that we want to pool the venous return and delay it from getting out of the leg. Then walk for 2 min ( in place if you have no space at the same pace) rest one minute then repeat 4 more times.
That’s it your done. Wait at least 4 hrs then do it again. 6 days a week. It’s not like you don’t have the time 28 minutes a day to increase the muscle size in your legs up to 7% in three weeks. That’s incredible. If your frail and elderly this will stop muscle loss and help you regain your energy and vitality. If your young and just starting out your legs are the largest producers if HGH which this study proves is increased during the exercise with the blood flow restriction not without. So after you release the bands HGH courses through your entire body helping all your muscles grow and burning fat as an added bonus.
So much benefit for such little investment in time effort and money.
20 bucks is spent on all sorts of junk that gives you no benefits.
Use Spartantrainingbands
As with all exercise you have to check with your PCP if this right for you.
BEFORE you start the program!!
Anyone with PVP or blood clots should not attempt without first checking with their specialist.
If you would like a more personal experience where I will customize a plan just for you. It’s coming soon!! Check back within the next couple of weeks!

Cesar A Arias MD FAAP

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