Corona Virus Health, how to stay as healthy as possibly during these troubling times

Corona Virus Health, how to stay as healthy as possibly during these troubling times

Improving your immune system right now has to be a top priority. Here are some suggestions

The Basics:

1. Exercise. No Gym? Use a BFR technology like Spartantrainingbands and perform bodyweight exercises.
Or walk with them on, run, sprint, or use a 3 lb dumbbell you have laying around. Maybe even fill a backpack with books and lift that. You should be as creative as possible during these times. The blood flow restriction does the rest! If you want some creative workout ideas, check out our Instagram.

2. Sleep 8 hrs a day. How do you get better sleep?
Exercise has been proven to improve sleep.

3. Optimal nutrition is going to be one of the most important. Dump all processed sugar, soda, junk food (cake cookies chips candy)!
Those spike insulin, cause insulin resistance and damage the liver. Which produces glutathione the MASTER antioxidant.

4. Supplements.

A) Vitamin C unless you have G6PD. Use liposomal Vitamin C so you can take larger doses of it. When sick, up to 6 grams 4 times a day and more according to experts it KILLS Coronavirus. Maintenance 2 GMS a day.

B) Take Zinc 30 mg according to some with Quercetin. The zinc literally stops the enzyme Replicase. Replicase is the enzyme that makes copies of the virus in your cells. The Quercetin drives it in your cells ( you can also use green tea) for the same purpose as Quercetin.

C) Vitamin D has been shown to inhibit viruses. Studies show it is more efficient than the flu vaccine in some cases for preventing flu.

D) Magnesium Threonate which all your cells use and in particular your immune system.

I take all of these daily.

You must check with your PCP( via teleheath?)
before implementing any and or all of these strategies. This information is only to try to help you bolster your immunity.

Dr Cesar MD
CEO Spartantrainingbands

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