What Does It Do?

The Bands are placed in the upper arms or legs to restrict the blood flow coming back to the heart and the venous flow, the flow going to the limbs. The arterial flow is only partially occluded.
This restriction has many benefits:
Blood flow restriction stimulates the production of endogenous hormones, such as human growth hormone and IGF-1, commonly referred to as “the fitness hormones.
During BFR training, the Type I fibers become highly fatigued during the first set due to the lack of oxygen, thus necessitating the recruitment of Type II fibers that create energy without oxygen as the exercise progresses.
BFR increases your microcirculation, your capillaries and venules and arterioles that are associated with them largely because your muscles are working in a hypoxic (low oxygen) environment.
“BFR has been shown to raise VEGF  (vascular endothelial growth factor)levels by 410% in young adults.”VEGF stimulates the growth of the blood vessels so your muscles will have increased growth by stimulation of muscular stem cells.
VEGF not only increases microcirculation in your muscle stem cells but also in your brain and heart.
 BFR, by way of increasing nitric oxide, has been found to stimulate muscle satellite stem cells and proliferation.
BFR also downregulates a hormone called myostatin, which is a negative regulator of muscle growth and mass. In other words when your myostatin levels are high you simply are unable to grow muscle. As is more common in the elderly.
BFR can decrease your myostatin levels by 50% which has been shown to increase muscle protein synthesis.
The increase in lactate from proper Spartan band placement will also increase your cognitive function after the bands are released!
Long Story Short
Spartan Training Bands + Less Weight = Larger Gains and More Muscle