Spartan Training Bands - Leonidas Edition (BFR Bands)

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All the gains with
Little or no weight.
Walk, jog, sprint, cross-training, body-building, power-lifting, Spartan Training Bands will boost the effectiveness of your workout.
Good for beginners to professionals.
By putting Spartan Training Bands on your arms or legs, you can restrict the blood flow to the body parts that you are exercising.
This makes those select muscles work harder, helping you burn more fat and build more muscle.
Improving your cardiovascular system and helping your body produce more HGH along the way.
This technology is used by athletes and movie stars trying to get in shape quickly.
Spartan Training Bands Occlusion Band Set is made for the warrior in you. 
Blood flow restriction has been around for 50 years and is widely used in Japan where it’s called Kaatsu training. It’s been extensively researched and there are hundreds of papers written on its success and safety.
It’s nothing short of Miraculous. It’s for anyone who wants to improve their health or to maximize their gains or improve their athletic performance.
It’s used for weight loss and for the rehabilitation of injuries and for those trying to put on muscle and improve their appearance. It can be used by people of all ages.
Long Story Short
Spartan Training Bands + Less Weight = Extreme Muscle Gain
Warning Numbers and Markings May Rub Off During Use!